Sep 27, 2010 2 Comments

2010 LA Printer’s Fair… Good Times!

We just finished up with the 2nd Annual Printers Fair at the International Printing Museum and I must say we had a great time! We met a lot of great people and even though it was a hot day, we came away with a bunch of new friends as well as a lot of new interest in the shop.

Many thanks to Rachelle Chuang who somehow managed to put everything together, and Mark Barbour (Director of the museum) for hosting such a nice event. We’ll have some photo’s up soon.

We’ll also have all of our new products up in the webstore soon and I’ll keep scheduling classes for all who are interested so keep checking in!

Sep 23, 2010 (Comment)

LA Printer’s Fair – Right around the corner!

We’re gearing up for the 2nd annual LA Printer’s Fair and are almost ready! We’ll be setup in a corner booth; talking shop, shaking hands and kissing babies. We’ve got a ton of great product and freebies to hock and we’re even bringing the Kelsey 6×10 and are inviting folks to pull a souvenir print of their own. Hope to see you in the lot!

Big thanks to everyone who’s pitched in to help us get ready!

Sep 7, 2010 (Comment)

Quality Letterpress by Emota

emota is a Brand Film agency that loves telling stories and making beautiful things. Many thanks to them for creating this film.