Aug 21, 2011 (Comment)

Back to Business!

Hey Everyone,

Yes, it’s Sunday and I’m in the shop again, no rest for the wicked!

The move went well, no one hurt and no machines broken, to say that moving 30,000lbs of equipment was tough is an understatement! So many helped and my clients were very understanding, I feel fortunate to work with such cool people. I’ll make it quick but I feel the need to put some of them in print:

Bill @ Machinery Movers of San Diego, George my electrician, Marc Hedges from Encompus (I’ll get some sleep one of these days), Valentine Viannay (let me hang artwork so it looks good), Kurt Braun (thanks for not letting the 800lb typecase fall on me) Paul Kilburg (for helping move 100 drawers of type by hand 3 times), my dad Jim Butler (he’s actually reading the manual for the Intertype!), Marc Pastore (painting the floor would look cool) and to the countless others who lent moral support through not only the shop move, but everything else I have going on in my life these days.

Lots of cool stuff happening in the shop right now. I’ve started working with an apprentice Emily Yueng and she’s been great. Just a few days in and she’s on the C&P working on stuff. She’ll also be getting the Etsy store up and running with some exciting new products.

I’ve been teaming up with Valentine Viannay (silkscreen Goddess!) and we’re coming up with some great mixed media stuff that will blow your minds. New cards are in production and soon we’ll be working on mixed media silkscreen/letterpress on fabrics.

I also have a really exciting meeting this Tuesday. Can’t say much yet, but if it goes well it could change the face of Q.L. once again in a BIG way. I’ll keep you posted…

Aug 10, 2011 (Comment)

Quality Letterpress Shop Upgrade Complete!

Well, it’s official! We’ve closed the doors on the old shop and are fully moved in to the new shop. The presses are up and running and it’s back to business as usual! Thanks to the many friends and family members who helped move, clean, organize, and move some more!

The new space is much larger than the old one. It’s got a sweet roll up garage door that lets a good cool breeze run through the shop. It’s got nice high warehouse ceilings and a cozy office, not that I spend time there because I’m always on the press! We’ve got a few finishing touches left to do to customize the place such as, building a loft space and hanging all the artwork, but we are well on our way.

Classes are back in session as well, so check out the LEARN page for class dates and how to make reservations. Hope to see you there!