and we’re back at it!

Hi Folks, Thanks for all your patience during this trying time of our website being down. Thanks fully we kept the faith and had a few geniuses to help us and work out the kinks. We’ll be doing a lot of updates to the page, new sample pics in the portfolio as well as new… Continue reading and we’re back at it!

end of another year

Yeah, I didn’t updated this much over the last year. It was a good year but it had some rough times as well. Had a big fix to do on the Vandercook (2 actually) but she’s much healthier, added another Heidelberg Windmill to the shop as well. Had some good clients, met plenty of new… Continue reading end of another year

Finally another update!

Okay, so I’m finally getting back to my website! Things have been very busy these last few months and my hands have been full both on press and traveling with the band so I apologize to all who may be checking in from time to time. I’ve been working hard with a new friend, Jason… Continue reading Finally another update!

New classes set for March

Well, things have settled down enough for me to do a few more classes in March. The dates are: Tues March 12th  6 pm to 10pm Thurs March 21st   6pm to 10pm Thurs March 28th   6pm to 10pm Sign up quickly, it’s always a good time!

Classes are back in session

Hi Everyone, Yes it’s true…I’m finally ready to do more classes. I’m really sorry for all the delays, due to shop production and my summer touring schedule it’s been really difficult to find time, but I simply can’t hold any of you up any longer. Here’s how it works. Classes are 4 hours and are… Continue reading Classes are back in session

More Letterpress love coming soon!

The big news is that Quality Letterpress is adding a new press to the floor soon! We’ll be adding a Vandercook AB 219 New Style press in a few weeks . (I just need to get the time for a road trip to pick it up : ) This press will handle a sheet size… Continue reading More Letterpress love coming soon!

Class is back in session…finally!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get the new class schedule up but things have been pretty busy here in the shop. Due to high demand though, classes are back in session! Check the learn page for details. Things are moving along here in the shop and I’ve finally got things to where I want… Continue reading Class is back in session…finally!

Classes are back in session

Hey everybody, the good news is that my wonderful doctor is happy and has turned me loose to get back to work, slowly but surely, but work non the less! That means classes are back in session. The new class schedule is up on the learn page but here’s the lowdown for November: Wednesday the… Continue reading Classes are back in session