Everyday is an adventure…

Recently we had a cool visitor to our shop. Santiago Merino, a noted artist from Mexico City,  came into town to see how the presses operate and take what he learned back to Mexico to start his own letterpress business. We had a great time discussing art,  graphic design and the letterpress process. We talked about packing the press for the right impression, setting the roller heights, the use of bases with polymer plates as well as line cuts, scoring and die-cutting, and all the other things a letterpress can do.

It was a good time and we look forward to the next time he and his wife can come and visit. We like to spread the letterpress love here at Quality letterpress!

Hey Santiago….say hi to Pete from us here in San Diego!

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  1. Please let Santiago know his old friend Marie from La Jolla & mexico City says hello. Would love to keep up with his art but can’t seem to find him.

    Any idea as to a website for Santiago Merino?

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