Classes are back in session

Hey everybody, the good news is that my wonderful doctor is happy and has turned me loose to get back to work, slowly but surely, but work non the less! That means classes are back in session. The new class schedule is up on the learn page but here’s the lowdown for November: Wednesday the… Continue reading Classes are back in session

A video from Boyte Creative.

This is a short video done by my friend Shaun at Boyte Creative. Shaun did a wonderful job of capturing the ‘vibe’ here at the shop. Check out the entire post here. Thanks Shaun, it is always a pleasure working with you!

A quick update

Hi All, well it’s that time again! I’ll be going in for arm surgery this coming Tuesday and although we won’t know how well it goes until I wake up, I’m confident in my doctor and we’re all hoping for the best. Even though I may be out for a while things are moving ahead… Continue reading A quick update

The Visitors!

I had the pleasure of having the typography students from the Art Institute come in for a shop visit last week. The kids were great and paid attention the whole time ( I can ramble when it comes to my machines!) I’d like to thank both Carly Catarcio and teacher Richard Ybarra for letting the… Continue reading The Visitors!

Back to Business!

Hey Everyone, Yes, it’s Sunday and I’m in the shop again, no rest for the wicked! The move went well, no one hurt and no machines broken, to say that moving 30,000lbs of equipment was tough is an understatement! So many helped and my clients were very understanding, I feel fortunate to work with such… Continue reading Back to Business!

Quality Letterpress Shop Upgrade Complete!

Well, it’s official! We’ve closed the doors on the old shop and are fully moved in to the new shop. The presses are up and running and it’s back to business as usual! Thanks to the many friends and family members who helped move, clean, organize, and move some more! The new space is much larger… Continue reading Quality Letterpress Shop Upgrade Complete!

Moving on and moving up!

The rumors are true, I am currently under way to move Quality Letterpress to a new, larger location. This first pic is of my awesome niece Clara painting and my dad Jim getting things prepped. We’ll still be in the same area, right off Mission Gorge Rd and Highway 8 in Mission Valley, and not… Continue reading Moving on and moving up!