In with the new….

We are proud to announce a new member of the Quality Letterpress family, the Miehle Vertical.

The Miehle Vertical V-50 - Feed Side
The Miehle Vertical V-50 - Delivery Side

It was a grueling couple days of moving but thanks to some help by the pros we moved some serious weight and replaced the second Kluge on the shop floor with this classy Meihle Vertical V-50. She’s a speedy little gal and built like a tank. Here’s a little blurb from the manual:

“The Model V-50 Vertical is an automatic job cylinder press designed to handle the majority of printing jobs at maximum speed and minimum cost. It has a sheet size range of 3.25″ x 5.5″ to 14″ x 20″, handling all stock from .002 to .015 thickness. It is designed to print from simple type forms, half-tones color and process plates with maximum efficiency. The operating speed of the V-50 ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 impression per hour, depending upon the nature of the job to be run.

The V-50 employs the principle of having the bed and cylinder each performing one-half the printing  stroke, with the combined weight  of the bed and associated parts, including the form, counterbalancing the combined weight of the cylinder and associated parts, thus permitting high-speed production with an almost total absence of jar or vibration.”

On the forklift
The Kluge goes into storage

We’re looking forward to getting acquainted with this new press and will soon be offering larger sheet size capabilities.

Special thanks to Dan Clark in La Mesa for passing on the tools and entrusting us with the legacy of his print shop.

Also thanks to Jim Butler for the help cleaning the press up!


  1. Hey Andrew – We are all systems go on the Miehle V50! Give us a call or come on in to discuss posters or anything else.

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