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活字印刷 (katsu jin satsu) is “letterpress printing” in Japanese….

I got a really nice email from a good friend of mine today, Brandon Lavigne. He’s studying Japanese Kanji over in Japan these days.

Brandon, along with Brett at Anders Creative, was responsible for the great look of the Quality Letterpress website.

When we first met, all I had was a basic splash page with not much content to speak of at all.  Funny thing was, he was scheduled to head off to Japan in a matter of weeks. So with a few meetings and a lot of hard work (mostly on Brandon and Brett’s part, I do better with old printing presses rather than computers) the site turned out great. The nice thing is that he did such a great job in setting it up so that I could administrate it myself..taking care of blogs and putting up pictures along with just being able to keep everyone posted at the happenings here at the shop, I couldn’t be happier!

So thanks Brandon, I’ll have to look through my box of old Japanese characters to see if I can spell it out on a card, enjoy the Sushi!


2 Responses to “活字印刷 (katsu jin satsu) is “letterpress printing” in Japanese….”
  1. Marc Hedges says:

    Way to represent!!
    They did a great job for you Tim!!

    Keep the ink and posts flowing!

  2. iloovee says:

    活字印刷 can be read like this: [huozi yinshua], this is “letterpress” in Chinese. These charactors “活字印刷” in Japanese is called “汉字” means Chinese charactor.

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