Mar 27, 2011 (Comment)

AIGA Y-16 Conference

After a very busy month of keeping the presses rolling, heading out on the road with Sha Na Na and keeping the dogs happy, I was really excited to participate in this years Y Conference for the San Diego Chapter of the AIGA.

It was a packed house at my ‘Thinkshop” and the group was really great.  We covered a little bit of everything, paper selection, when to use foil and general information on how cool letterpress can be. Being able to give designers a little demo and giving them the pressmans perspective was pretty cool and hopefully they left with a new understanding of all things letterpress.

I’d like to give special thanks to Justin Skeesuck from for turning me on to the event. He was the reason I was there.

Also a shout out to Mark Robillard from the San Diego Chapter of the AIGA.  After telling me I could get there at 7:30 am and I showed up at 9:15 to start my presentation at 10 (hey , I’m a musician, we don’t really do ‘mornings’ ha ha) he had a killer parking space for me and really kept things running smooth.

And last but not least, Marc Hedges from He got up early (easier when you have a beautiful little girl!) helped me move the press and tools for the demo, and helped keep me from rambling too much. I can get a little passionate about letterpress.

Thanks again to all and keep checking the site for updates, there is some really cool stuff in the works.

I can’t go into much yet, but believe me, you are going to flip when you see what we’re working on!

Back to the presses….


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