One Lucky Five Year Old..!

I first met little Fiona shortly after her birth when her daddy, my good friend Marc Hedges at encompus, brought her into the shop to design and print her birth announcement. So when he needed an invite for her 5th birthday, all I could say was…yes!

We used all handset/wood  type and ornaments. The smaller type is 30pt. Stymie Bold Condensed and I’m still trying to track down the typeface that was used as the underprint. I do know that the overprint typeface is Renaissance No. 1 and was made by the Wm. Page Type Co. in 1879!

Fiona got to pull type and pick the colors herself…PMS 189 Pink and PMS 227 Purple. While Marc and I weren’t to sure how that would work, we did as instructed and, of course, Fiona was right and it looks great.

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