Let’s get started.

We started moving presses to our new location today! Here are a few pics of day #1.

Very exciting to get things started but still a lot to do over the next few weeks.

Many thanks to Bill from Machinery Movers of San Diego, he’s the only guy I’ll let lift my presses.

Also a BIG thanks to my buddy Kurt Braun. There are lots of friends that will help you move a sofa or a fridge, but when you’re moving close to 18,000lbs of vintage machinery you need a back up guy you can count on to know what he’s doing and have your back…that’s Kurt.

To Marc Pastore, one of the first guys I ever worked a Kluge with over 30+ years ago, who convinced me to go a head and paint the floor ( I admit it does look good!) And of course my dad Jim Butler who saved the day today by running out and getting me a new 100 amp 3 phase breaker for my electrician tomorrow. Plus my bro’s Pablo and Andrew P who helped me move over 100 drawers of lead type and stay sane with all the painting I’ve been doing to get things ready for the machines.

There will be many more thanks you’s and pics coming but I’m tired, a little sore, and I need to meet my electrician in the morning for a long day of pulling wire.

Here’s a rough list of what went on the trucks today:

Intertype lead typesetting machine with 50 magazines of typefaces.

12″x18″ Inking Kluge

14″x20″ Meihle V50

8″x12″ Old Style C&P

Hammond Glider lead saw

8′ printers stone holding 80 drawers of type

25 drawer Hamilton type cab

Vintage oak typecase with 40 drawers

2 – 100 space galley cabinets

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