Quality Letterpress continues a tradition of master printing that goes back to the handset type of Gutenberg and the invention of the Linotype by Mergenthaler. The time-honored craft and tradition of printing is something we love to share and we’re happy to pass on our experience. We set aside time from our busy production schedule for private instruction and beginner classes. Due to a large amount of interest from people in L.A. and Orange Counties, I will soon be scheduling some weekend classes.

Classes will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month starting April 2016
(unless I’m on the road with the band then I will let you know there will be
no class and your spot will roll over to next available)
April 12th and 26th – May 10th and 24th – June 14th and 28th – July 12th and 26th – Aug 9th and 23rd
Cost is $175.00 per person. Classes are limited to 2 people and run for one night. Reservations are made by emailing tim[at]qualityletterpress.com, and are on a first come, first serve basis. Mailing your class payment secures your reservation in the class. Checks are to be made out to Tim Butler and sent to the shop address. Be sure to write the date and time of the class you are reserving on the check.

All classes are “Introduction to Letterpress” classes. We’ll cover basic letterpress…you’ll design a card, pull the type and images, lock up the form and run about 25 pieces on the handfed press (built about 1890).  We’ll talk about the history of the process, the machines, the differences in papers, foil, embossing, die cutting…it’s like a question andanswer while we work.

You’ll need to wear closed toe shoes and I wouldn’t recommend white shirts…ha ha..your hands will get dirty!


I also do private press instruction as well as consulting.

I have over 25 years of printing experience…learn  printing, foil stamping, embossing and die cutting.

I can help you set up your press and let you know just what you need to get to printing!

From small tabletop presses to C&P’s, Heidelberg Windmills, Kluges and more.

Call for rates!

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