Our introduction to Quality Letterpress came by way of referral for a personal project, the birth announcement for my baby girl, Fiona. As a Graphic Designer I’m familiar with the various types of printing and for this project it could only be done with letterpress. By sharing ideas and their extensive knowledge Tim and his staff took my artwork to the next level. From the paper recommendations and ink coverage techniques to the use of wood block type (from the 1800’s) Quality Letterpress insured quality results on time and on budget. Since, I have introduced Quality Letterpress into my design business and to great success. Offering this level of letterpress expertise to our clients is immeasurable. If anyone needs a good referral Quality Letterpress is ours.

Marc Hedges
Founding Partner/Art Director

I have been working with Tim and Quality Letterpress now for about a year. My relationship with Tim began over a frantic midnight email which was followed by a 2 a.m. response from Tim. What I didn’t know then, is how quickly Tim would become a trusted colleague and admired professional. I have worked with Quality now on several projects and continue to be impressed by the attention to detail and craft that they bring to every job. Tim is a true craftsman, with the eye and heart for a printing tradition that is the foundation of my industry. I look forward
to many many more jobs in the future. Thanks Tim and Quality for being the best at what you do.

Wendy Belt
Senior Designer
K2 Global Marketing Team

Quality Letterpress has been invaluable to the success of my design business, consistently producing quality, beautiful invitations and cards for me and my clients for three years. Tim’s expansive knowledge of the letterpress, foil and embossing processes combined with his enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate, makes every job an enjoyable experience. The shop, too, is an education in the history of typography and brings to life the authentic appeal of old wooden type, lead and chases, and ultimately, the tactile elegance of letterpress. I highly recommend working with Quality Letterpress.

Rosemary Rae
Rosemary Rae Design

San Diego, CA

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