Another year passes….

Well, it’s that time of year again, out with the old, in with the new! It’s also my time to reflect back on things.

It’s been a good year here at the shop (all things considered). I’ve had lots of fun with my friends and made some new ones along the way, and it’s been a pleasure working with so many talented people on so many wonderful projects. Wedding Invitation, business cards, packaging, you name it and I’m pretty sure I printed it! I want to take this opportunity to name a few people that have help me along the way… they have inspired Quality Letterpress to take new directions, opened doors for new relationships, and have been there when it really mattered! Just a few of the many…

Brett at Anders Creative, Rosemary at Rosemary Rae Designs, the encompus crew, Sean Kelly at Set and Drift, Zack at Sezio and of course Sunset Press (Greg, Riki, Chrissy, Jerry and Tron). Can’t forget Colleen at BPI and Nancy at Neyenesch Printers as well.

These people are not only talented designers and industry representatives, but they have always been supportive of the shop and have helped spread the word about the work I do here at Quality Letterpress. I’m proud to call them my friends.

I’m looking forward to continuing my collaboration straight into the New Year! We’ve got lots of cool things on the horizon…

I’m excited to continue teaching the letterpress classes. People really dig coming in and catching the letterpress bug. It’s always cool seeing someone’s excitement as they look through all the old type and images I have on hand, getting their hands dirty, and printing the final design on quality paper…really, it’s very cool!

Ron Miriello at Miriello Graphico is talking with me about a project or two coming up early in the new year. Ron came in for a tour of the shop recently and it seems he already has the letterpress bug! Here’s a cool post on his blog about his experience. I’m really excited to work with Ron, his passion for design and the process is contagious!

In March 2011 I’ll be doing a ‘Thinkshop” at the YConference here in San Diego. It’s always inspiring to work with a room full of designers and spread the letterpress fever.

So here’s a hearty fair-well to 2010 and very Happy New Year salute to 2011! I look forward to meeting new people, being challenged by new projects, and keeping the presses rolling! Please come on by and say hi… hang out… take a class… and be creative!!

Keep Rockin!

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