Class is back in session…finally!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get the new class schedule up but things have been pretty busy here in the shop. Due to high demand though, classes are back in session! Check the learn page for details.

Things are moving along here in the shop and I’ve finally got things to where I want them only 6 months after moving in. We’ve added some new lighting, some new art on the walls (thanks to Valentine Viannay the silkscreen goddess!)  and the last of the machines have been either moved out or moved around.

Thanks again to all who have helped out, George my master electrician, Jude Jorden,Valentine Viannay, Marc Hedges, , Julian Davis and of course my dad Jim Butler for keeping me on track and providing inspiration as well as muscles at various times.

And even though it’s Saturday, I’m happy to say I need to get on press!


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