Finally another update!

Okay, so I’m finally getting back to my website!

Things have been very busy these last few months and my hands have been full both on press and traveling with the band so I apologize to all who may be checking in from time to time.

I’ve been working hard with a new friend, Jason Markow (also know to many as Tekstartist) doing custom art posters every week. We’ve been busy doing both foil and letterpress ink runs for his typographic designs, attached is a sample.

I’ve been doing some awesome work for several artists, some new and some returning and my new goal is to get some new pics of the work up on the site soon for everyone to check out. I have some great new examples of all things letterpress.

You’ll also notice that the store has been shrunk down a bit. Partly because most of the old items have been sold out, but also because I’m working on a new line of merchandise that will blow your minds!

And finally a note on classes.

As my email list for classes grows I’m trying as hard as I can to get a new schedule up as soon as possible.

Believe me it’s not for wanting to do more classes, but when things in the shop are busy it’s really hard to fit them in time wise.

Since I run a one man shop, when things get busy, it can be overwhelming at times to do meetings, emails, quotes as well as all deliveries and pick ups and still make all the print deadlines while keeping my high standards for my clients.

That being said I’m determined to have some classes scheduled for Nov, my goal is to have a list of dates up by end of this week. Please keep in mind that there is a lot of interest for these dates and I expect the classes to fill very quickly so remember, once you get the email blast sign up quick!

That’s all for now, new plates and foil are in so it’s time to get back on press.

I hope to be much better at updates in the future and to post pics of some of the cool work coming through the doors.

May the Force be with you

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