Still Alive and Well (all things considered!)

Hey All,

Yep, still here, still open…not to say it hasn’t been tough for all of us.

Work has been slow but I’m coming in, checking my emails and cleaning for a few hours a day to keep some sense of a schedule. We will get through this!

On a happy note I’ve been asked to participate in San Diego Design Week this year, it’s an honor to be involved with a such a high caliber of guest speakers and events.

I’ll be doing a ‘Live’ Q&A here at the shop via Zoom or Instagram Live (still working it out)

I’ll keep posting on this site as well as my social media pages in the weeks to follow.

I know, it’s not like I update this alot but I’m trying to make use of all my free time these days so look for some updates to this site as well.

( I just need to remember how to do it : )

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