Mar 5, 2020 (Comment)

and we’re back at it!

Hi Folks,

Thanks for all your patience during this trying time of our website being down. Thanks fully we kept the faith and had a few geniuses to help us

and work out the kinks.

We’ll be doing a lot of updates to the page, new sample pics in the portfolio as well as new friends to add to our contact list as

well as a new class schedule for April (yes there will be more classes to come!)

So keeping checking in, we haven’t gone anywhere!

Mar 19, 2016 (Comment)

Okay, finally got to it!

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the site, but hey I keep busy!
(plus I had to get a new computer last year and lost all my passwords etc so couldn’t do it if I tried!)

But I’m back at it and will do my best to keep up at least once a month as instructed by me friends who
are experts on the social media scene.

I now at least have an Instagram page for the shop you can follow if you’d like, different shots of the work going on in the shop as well as pics of my travels with the band. I’ll try to post often.

I’m putting up a class schedule today. Due to popular demand there will now be
2 classes a month with private classes and instruction available as well.
Details on the ‘Learn’ page.

That’s all for now. I have the rare weekend off and don’t feel like spending it in the shop.

Dec 31, 2014 (Comment)

end of another year

Yeah, I didn’t updated this much over the last year.

It was a good year but it had some rough times as well.

Had a big fix to do on the Vandercook (2 actually) but she’s much healthier, added another Heidelberg Windmill to the shop as well.

Had some good clients, met plenty of new artists and friends, all in all a good year.

I’m going to try and do my best to stay up on my blog (although I say that every year)

Be safe and drive it like you stole it,


Nov 2, 2013 (Comment)

yes, there are more classes finally!

Hey All,

Yes, I have a few more classes on the calendar.

I know it’s only a few but with the Holidays approaching fast I’m doing my best to meet the demand.

With any luck I’ll be able to get a few more going before the end of the year.

Check the ‘Learn’ page for more details.

Good Luck!


Oct 30, 2013 (Comment)

Finally another update!

Okay, so I’m finally getting back to my website!

Things have been very busy these last few months and my hands have been full both on press and traveling with the band so I apologize to all who may be checking in from time to time.

I’ve been working hard with a new friend, Jason Markow (also know to many as Tekstartist) doing custom art posters every week. We’ve been busy doing both foil and letterpress ink runs for his typographic designs, attached is a sample.

I’ve been doing some awesome work for several artists, some new and some returning and my new goal is to get some new pics of the work up on the site soon for everyone to check out. I have some great new examples of all things letterpress.

You’ll also notice that the store has been shrunk down a bit. Partly because most of the old items have been sold out, but also because I’m working on a new line of merchandise that will blow your minds!

And finally a note on classes.

As my email list for classes grows I’m trying as hard as I can to get a new schedule up as soon as possible.

Believe me it’s not for wanting to do more classes, but when things in the shop are busy it’s really hard to fit them in time wise.

Since I run a one man shop, when things get busy, it can be overwhelming at times to do meetings, emails, quotes as well as all deliveries and pick ups and still make all the print deadlines while keeping my high standards for my clients.

That being said I’m determined to have some classes scheduled for Nov, my goal is to have a list of dates up by end of this week. Please keep in mind that there is a lot of interest for these dates and I expect the classes to fill very quickly so remember, once you get the email blast sign up quick!

That’s all for now, new plates and foil are in so it’s time to get back on press.

I hope to be much better at updates in the future and to post pics of some of the cool work coming through the doors.

May the Force be with you

Mar 11, 2013 (Comment)

New classes set for March

Well, things have settled down enough for me to do a few more classes in March.

The dates are:

Tues March 12th  6 pm to 10pm

Thurs March 21st   6pm to 10pm

Thurs March 28th   6pm to 10pm

Sign up quickly, it’s always a good time!

Sep 1, 2012 (Comment)

Classes are back in session

Hi Everyone,
Yes it’s true…I’m finally ready to do more classes.
I’m really sorry for all the delays, due to shop production and my summer touring schedule it’s been really difficult to find time, but
I simply can’t hold any of you up any longer.

Here’s how it works.
Classes are 4 hours and are limited to 2 people (that way each person gets the most out of it)
We’ll go over the machines, the best paper for the process, how foil stamping, die cutting and embossing works and the general vibe of what letterpress can and can’t do. It’s important to have an idea of what you’d like to print, this is not a ‘print job’ class, it’s an over view of letterpress and the print process, we can’t print business cards, invites or any custom designs.
You’ll get to choose from over 100 sets of lead type, 40 sets of vintage wood type as well as over 1000 vintage images. We set it up and you get to run about 50 -75 pieces of 100% cotton Cranes Lettra paper on a Chandler and Price Old Style letterpress (1890) by hand. Some people print their names, maybe a song lyric or quote, a simple type jumble or something like that.
You need to wear closed toe shoes and keep in mind your hands will get dirty so white shirts aren’t the best : )

Cost of the class is $175.00 per person. To reserve your spot you need to confirm the date you want with me then send a check made payable to
Tim Butler
4599 Mission Gorge Place
Suite B
San Diego, CA 92120

There are a few of you with gift certificates and those will be honored for the classes, I will try and give these people priority as best as I can.

Here are the dates of the classes….

Saturday Sept. 8th…12 noon to 4pm
Tuesday Sept. 11th… 6pm to 10pm
Thursday Sept. 27th…6pm to 10pm

From past experience I know these classes fill VERY fast and I will do my best to get confirmations back to you as soon as possible.
If there is any way I can add more classes this month I’ll send another email as soon as I can.
I will also be doing Oct classes and will have those dates up by the last week of this month if not sooner.

Apr 7, 2012 (Comment)

More Letterpress love coming soon!

The big news is that Quality Letterpress is adding a new press to the floor soon!

We’ll be adding a Vandercook AB 219 New Style press in a few weeks .

(I just need to get the time for a road trip to pick it up : )

This press will handle a sheet size of  19″x26″ with an image area up to 18″x24″.

We’re very excited about the new, larger format and to finally be able to put to use our large vintage type collection.

I’ll be adding news more frequently as things progress. I’ve been super busy on press and haven’t always had the time to update the blog, but I promise I’ll work much harder with upcoming classes and news.

Mar 3, 2012 (Comment)

Class is back in session…finally!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get the new class schedule up but things have been pretty busy here in the shop. Due to high demand though, classes are back in session! Check the learn page for details.

Things are moving along here in the shop and I’ve finally got things to where I want them only 6 months after moving in. We’ve added some new lighting, some new art on the walls (thanks to Valentine Viannay the silkscreen goddess!)  and the last of the machines have been either moved out or moved around.

Thanks again to all who have helped out, George my master electrician, Jude Jorden,Valentine Viannay, Marc Hedges, , Julian Davis and of course my dad Jim Butler for keeping me on track and providing inspiration as well as muscles at various times.

And even though it’s Saturday, I’m happy to say I need to get on press!


Jan 7, 2012 (Comment)

You need a new 2012 Calendar!

My good buddy Marc Hedges at Marc Hedges Creative came up with this cool calendar to help you keep your resolutions straight. A limited edition, these will go fast so order yours now. He came in and ran the front and back covers by hand on the old C&P using old lead type. I must say he’s getting the hang of things here in the shop.

Check our store for more pics and to take care of your purchase.

A unique graphic study in Design and Typography using Numbers, Symbols and Color. The covers are handset and letterpressed 2 color with digitally run poster stock on the inside pages. This is a limited addition run of 100 calendars signed and numbered by the designers Marc Hedges and Kari Neuberger.
- Printers: Quality Letterpress and Rush Press
- Size: 11″ x 17″ (14 individual pages includes covers)
- Paper: Covers (120# Chipboard) : Inside (100# dull cover)
- Printing: Covers (Letterpress) : Inside (Digital)
- Binding: Wire-O-Hanging

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